#5 Working group for the cultural strategy process constituted

On the way to the Innsbruck Cultural Strategy 2030 an important step was taken this week. A working group, established by the office for cultural affairs of the City of Innsbruck has been constituted. The following persons belong to it:

The working group is accompanied by a project team around Isabelle Brandauer (head of office for cultural affairs of the City of Innsbruck) with Rita Hebenstreit (office for cultural affairs of the City of Innsbruck, internal project manager for Innsbruck Cultural Strategy 2030), Aliette Dörflinger (LIquA, external project manager), Philipp Fromm (urban planning department) and Norma Schiffer-Zobernig (office of the mayor of the City of Innsbruck).

The working group supports the project team in developing the contents of the Innsbruck Cultural Strategy 2030. In this context the results from the workshops starting in April are discussed, validated and condensed in regular meetings.