#16 Last workshop – registration now open

The registration for the sixth and last workshop for the Innsbruck Cultural Strategy Process is now open:

Tuesday, 9 November 2021
at the congress, Saal Innsbruck
Duration: 5:00 to 8:30 pm.
followed by a get-together until 9:30 pm.

Topic: Open discussion … on the home stretch

The final workshop will enter the home stretch: we will uncover blind spots and still open or hidden topics. Our central task will also be to concretise the ideas together, perhaps to formulate them even better and to clarify who would like to get involved where in the implementation itself. Have we discussed everything that is needed to equip Innsbruck with a good cultural strategy 2030? What is particularly important? Is there still something of burning importance to us? An open discussion for all involved.

We welcome everyone who can still make it possible to contribute with their ideas!

Participation is only possible after prior registration! The registration period for the V. Workshop runs from 19 October to 1 November. 

Please note: We have the 3-G rule (see Conditions of Participation – subject to change).