#14 Cultural Strategy 2030: What is art?

The question “Value & Diversity: Is this art or can it be thrown away?” – somewhat provocatively – is on the agenda of the V. Workshop on 18 October. The workshop at Congress will address the following questions: What is the value of art and culture (monetary and non-monetary)? How should the contemporary interact with tradition, priority setting with diversity and variety? And how should it be promoted and supported?

We will discuss how thematic priorities in programming and funding and diversity relate to each other. What could “diversity” mean in art and culture in Innsbruck and what value is given to diversity? Do we mean, for example, more contemporary art or rather a contemporary confrontation with traditional aspects? What role will individual genres play in the artistic and cultural diversity of the city in the future, or also cross-disciplinary cooperation?

Of course, this also raises the question of how existing funds can be distributed “fairly” in the future. What criteria for cultural funding and procedures make sense? How can processes be made more transparent? Can and should we create more scope for new actors, less visible genres and experimental processes?

Once again, all interested parties are invited to participate in the cultural development of the city. Participation is only possible after prior registration! The registration period for the V. Workshop runs from 30 September to 10 October. 

Please note: We have the 3-G rule (see Conditions of Participation – subject to change).