#10 Registration period for III. Workshop over

Just like the first workshop, participation in the second workshop on the Innsbruck Cultural Strategy 2030 was gratifyingly high. On May 17, more than 120 participants exchanged ideas over a Zoom video conference lasting several hours on the topic of “Promotion & Work: Art is beautiful, but makes a lot of work”. The results of the second workshop can be found on the website of the Innsbruck Cultural Strategy 2030 and can be supplemented and commented there: Click here for the documentation of the II workshop (in German language only).

From May 26 to June 8, the registration period for the third workshop ran. The workshop will again be held via Zoom video conference. This time, the topic on Tuesday, June 15, starting at 5 p.m., is “Education & Society: Let’s educate society!” What will tomorrow’s art production and cultural work look like? What structures and frameworks are needed for it? And what does it mean to promote and communicate art and culture – how, to whom and why at all? How can art and culture become more visible in Innsbruck?

And “Outside the box” – Thinking big before the summer break: Crazy ideas and utopias for cultural development in Innsbruck: What other ideas for cultural development exist? What if you could completely rethink the cultural landscape for Innsbruck? What would it look like, what would be new, what would not?

The results of the third workshop will be published soon on the website.