#21 A dedicated group at work

A few days ago, the seven-member working group together with the project team withdrew for two days to the Bildungshaus St. Michael der Diözese Innsbruck to work on the draft of the cultural strategy. The current version of the mission statement was discussed intensively before the goals and countless proposed measures were reflected upon and discussed in small groups. The main focus was on establishing a consensus on the goals and working out which proposed measures would contribute most meaningfully to the achievement of the goals and should therefore also be reflected in the final version of the cultural strategy.

Based on this, further consolidation and specification will take place in the coming days and weeks by the project team (led by the office for cultural affairs of the City of Innsbruck with support from LIquA and Aliette Dörflinger), also the  obtaining of expert opinions from various offices of the Municipality of Innsbruck, and a discussion of the current draft in the context of a five-hour workshop with the Cultural Committee of the City of Innsbruck and the members of the working group at the beginning of March.

An insight into the work of the working group can also be found in the current issue of Innsbruck informiert on pages 36 and 37:
Innsbruck informiert (Ausgabe Jänner 2022)

© Rita Hebenstreit

Members of the working group and project team at the meeting.
Back row from left to right: Isabelle Brandauer (Office for cultural affairs of the City of Innsbruck ), Karl. C. Berger (Tyrolean Folk Art Museum), Nicola Weber (WEI SRAUM. Designforum Tirol), Norma Schiffer-Zobernig (office of the mayor of Innsbruck), David Prieth (p.m.k., skin on marble, Kulturkollektiv Contrapunkt), Petra Poelzl (Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft – Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie), Monika Abendstein (bilding – art and architectural school for children and young people), Wolfgang Andexlinger (office for urban planning, urban development and integration of the City of Innsbruck).
Front row from left to right: Aliette Dörflinger (external process advisor), Helene Schnitzer (TKI – Tiroler Kulturinitiativen), Isabel Gabbe (Department for Music Pedagogy Innsbruck of University Mozarteum Salzburg), Rita Hebenstreit (Office for cultural affairs of the City of Innsbruck).